Heating & Cooling Services in York County

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Heater & AC Services in York County, SC

You want to come home to a comfortable house all year round. When it’s hot and steamy outside, you want a cool and comfortable home to return to. And when it’s chilly outside, you want a warm and cozy house. Because of this, it’s essential to have a functioning air conditioner and furnace. When you need a furnace tune up or air conditioner repair services, call our experts at MYK Air. We proudly provide services to York County and the surrounding areas, and we guarantee satisfaction with every call!

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We provide quality heating and air conditioning services to York County, including:

  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Handler Services
  • Ductless Mini Split AC Systems
  • Heater Repair
  • Heater Installation
  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Installation
  • Ductwork Repair & Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality Services

We offer services in the following cities:

How Big of a Furnace Do I Need?

When you need a furnace replacement, one of the first questions you will need to answer is how big of a unit you need when buying a new system. Some criteria our furnace contractors consider when helping to select new units for furnace installations are:

  • The total floor area of your home.
  • Ceiling height.
  • Quality of your insulation.
  • The climate and how much heat it needs to generate.
  • How much sun your house gets, as well as how much shade.

If you need help choosing the right unit for your house, call our experts for help!

Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your House

Does your house or building feel warmer than the desired temperature on the thermostat, but your air conditioner is running? This can signal you need air conditioner repair services.

One of the first issues our AC contractors will look for when inspecting your unit is if it needs a freon recharge. If your refrigerant is too low, your system cannot work properly to cool your house.

It could also signal a major problem. Our contractors will determine the cause of the issue, and repair it or recommend an air conditioner replacement – if needed.

Worried about how an AC installation will fit into your budget? Check out our available coupons to save on service today!

How To Prevent Heating Emergencies

When you have a serious issue with your furnace or heater, you need to call for emergency services to protect your household and the people in your office or building.

If a major problem – like a carbon monoxide leak – occurs, you need to take action to avoid serious health issues, or even death.

A less serious concern, but also important, is if your heater or furnace completely fails, it will leave you without a heating source. If the temperatures dip too low, it can put those in your property at risk – especially if there are young children or the elderly present.

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