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We all have been through it, coldest day of the year and the heat stops working. Hottest day of the year and your indoor unit is frozen. You call your local company and they give you a 4-6 hour window and may make it to you on the day scheduled. Myk Air lets you schedule the time of service, and we do our best to arrive 5-10 minutes prior.

There are so many options available in todays marketplace when it comes to equipment you can basically get whatever you like! We tailor our equipment solutions to you the customer and can give a range of options for Commercial and Residential applications.

Our service agreements cover cleaning, lubrication, and performance testing of your equipment. In the spring AC and refrigeration coils are cleaned with non-toxic environmentally friendly materials and tested / adjusted for prime performance. In the fall we check for heat exchangers for carbon monoxide leakage and the operation of safety devices inside of your heating equipment if applicable. Service agreement customers also receive significant price reductions on labor and parts.

Today's refrigeration systems have complicated electronics and sensitive refrigerants. Proper maintenance is more important than ever. Call us to set up your maintenance program and keep your repair costs low.

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