Indian Land, SC Cooling Services

Is your air conditioner not as efficient as it used to be? Call us at 704-461-3456 for AC maintenance and air conditioning installations in Indian Land and throughout Lancaster County.

Indian Land, SC Cooling Services

When your air conditioner stops cooling your house or office to the thermostat setting, it can indicate you need to take action. It can signal you need air conditioner maintenance, central AC repairs, or even an AC replacement. Call our AC contractors at MYK Air for appointments in Indian Land, SC. All of our technicians are background checked and drug tested.

When you need air conditioning repairs or replacements, don’t stress about the bill. Ask us about our financing options.

We provide quality cooling services to Indian Land, including:

  • Air conditioner repairs
  • Air conditioner installations
  • AC refrigerant leak services
  • Ductless mini split AC systems
  • Air handler services
  • Thermostat services
  • Dehumidifier services
  • Evaporator coil services

Where To Install a Thermostat

When installing a new air conditioner, you might also opt to replace your thermostat with a new unit. It’s essential to place your thermostat in the right spot. Your device needs to properly measure the temperature in a room without getting a false reading from direct sunlight, or near a heat source.

Putting the thermostat in the wrong spot can give a higher reading, which can cause your air conditioner to run more than necessary – thinking it needs to cool your property.

To avoid this, consult an AC contractor when determining where to install your thermostat.

Common Reasons for Odd AC Noises

Is your air conditioner making odd noises? This can be due to numerous issues – some more serious than others.

If you hear a squealing sound, it can be due to a worn belt.

A grinding noise can indicate a more serious issue. This can be a symptom of a problem with the unit’s motor bearings.

Noises can also be due to numerous other problems, so it’s essential to have a technician inspect your unit and determine the exact cause and make the repairs.

Check out our blogs for all kinds of tips and tricks for keeping your central AC system running smoothly.

Why Your Air Conditioner Is Producing Odors

If there is an odd smell coming from your air conditioner, the type of odor can indicate the cause of the problem. If you notice a burning smell, it can be due to a wiring issue, or an overheated unit. You should turn off your unit and first check the filter. If it’s clogged, that could be the cause. If it’s not the problem, then you should schedule AC repairs or air conditioning maintenance services.

If there is a musty smell, it can signal there is a drainage problem. Repairs, AC maintenance services, or an AC tune up can resolve the problem.

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When you need AC replacement or other central air conditioning services, call MYK Air at 704-461-3456 for appointments in Indian Land, SC and Lancaster County. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.