Tips to reduce energy bills

Want to Cut Cooling Costs? Use These Tips!

3 Tips to Reduce Energy Bills This Summer

While the summer months can be filled with fun, sun, and relaxation, they can also be very hot. South Carolina homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioners to combat the heat. While this can provide comfort for their homes, it can also cause their energy bills to skyrocket. These costs can be reduced using some tips, and this post will share three ways homeowners can help reduce their cooling costs without discomfort.

Programmable and Smart Thermostats

thermostatRunning the air conditioner can result in hefty utility bills in the summer months. Air conditioning contractors recommend installing programmable or smart thermostats to help control the indoor climate and costs. One benefit of these Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats is providing climate control options that homeowners can adjust inside or away from home. 

Property owners can download an app on their mobile devices to change the temperature throughout the day. This means they can alter the thermostat when no one is home or away on vacation and adjust it to the ideal temperature just before returning. Programmable thermostats provide an easy way to preset temperatures when away from home or asleep at night, while smart thermostats can learn peoples’ habits and adjust the temperature automatically. 

These devices can help save energy and money on utility bills by eliminating the need to manually adjust temperatures all the time. With a programmable thermostat, homeowners can set specific times for their heating or cooling system to turn on and off, ensuring it runs only when needed. Smart thermostats have even more features that allow them to detect occupancy in a home and use weather forecasts to automatically adjust temperatures throughout the day. Both types of thermostats come in various styles and offer features such as remote access, multiple zone control, humidity control, and more.


weather strippingWhen standing by their door or windows, homeowners might notice a draft. This means cooled air is escaping through the gaps around windows and doors, and the hot air from outside is entering their home. The result is higher than desired temperatures, which can cause air conditioners to overwork and use more energy to keep the house cool, raising energy bills. 

Weatherstripping is important for energy efficiency when keeping a home cool in the summer. Installing weatherstripping around doors and windows gives a more secure seal that prevents cool air from escaping through cracks and crevices. This reduces the energy needed to keep the home comfortable, saving money on cooling costs.

Use the AC Less and Fans More

An AC unit can quickly cool down a home, but running the air conditioning for long periods can drastically increase energy bills. On the other hand, running a ceiling fan can help circulate air and keep rooms comfortable without consuming as much energy. So to maximize comfort and energy efficiency, use the AC less and ceiling fans more. 

Homeowners can set the thermostat higher than they usually would if using air conditioning alone, so the ceiling fans can work together with the AC to maintain a comfortable temperature while using less energy and saving money. Additionally, adjust the direction of ceiling fans each season to move counterclockwise in the summer and clockwise in the winter. By taking these steps, homeowners can save energy while still being comfortable in their homes.

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