HVAC Contractors tools stocked on trucks

What Sorts of Tools and Equipment Do HVAC Technicians Use on the Job?

What Heating and Cooling Contractors Keep in Their Fully Stocked Trucks

When a homeowner needs air conditioner or furnace repairs, installation, or maintenance, the expectation is likely that HVAC contractors will arrive with the tools required to complete the job. Contractors coming to the job prepared with the right tools allows them to complete the job quicker and with fewer interruptions. Read on to learn about some hand tools, safety equipment, and specialized tools heating and cooling technicians keep in their trucks.

Hand Tools

hand toolsHVAC technicians must keep various hand tools in their vans or trucks to ensure they have the right equipment to complete a multitude of air conditioning and heating services. Some of the most common essential tools include screwdrivers, flashlights, pliers, tape measures, and cutters.

These serve practical purposes:

  • Screwdrivers: Technicians must remove and put back screws from thermostats, AC, and heater systems to access the insides for inspection and repair.
  • Flashlight: Heating and cooling contractors need to look closely at units when looking for the source of problems. A flashlight lets them get a good view of the components when inspecting and making repairs.
  • Pliers: These are needed to bend, hold, and strip wires while repairing or replacing an HVAC system.
  • Tape measure: When installing a new system, technicians must know how much space they have to work with.
  • Cutters: Cutters are necessary when replacing or installing piping into the HVAC system.

Safety Equipment

Working with air conditioners and heaters can be dangerous as technicians must handle hazardous equipment, chemicals, and gases. To protect themselves, they need to wear safety equipment.

Some standard safety items contractors use include:

  • Gloves: Gloves protect their hands from hot components, handling chemicals, and dealing with sharp parts.
  • Masks and Goggles: Technicians must protect their faces and eyes when dealing with gasses and chemicals or using power tools.
  • Proper Shoes: Technicians must wear heavy-duty work boots to protect their feet and toes and provide traction to prevent accidents when working.

Specialized Tools

specialized toolsTechnicians also use specialized HVAC tools that apply specifically to HVAC work. Some of these include:

  • Coil Fin Straighteners: These are used to straighten bent fins on the outdoor condenser unit and clean debris off the fins.
  • Thermometer: A digital thermometer can help detect the temperature of a system and the air it’s producing.
  • Leak Detectors: These are needed to check for moisture around the system to identify refrigerant leaks.
  • Psychrometer: These measure the relative humidity and airflow.

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